Special Education

Recognizing the dignity of all students and staff, the Special Education Team supports the Christ-centered environment of each school by providing services, programming, leadership and inservice. Special Education staff provides school principals with the resources to implement school-level and system-level programs and services in an integrated and cohesive manner.

Our Programs

  • Are based on and modified by the results of continuous assessment and evaluation
  • Include plans (called an Individual Education Plan or IEP) containing specific objectives and an outline of special education services that meet the needs of the exceptional pupil.
  • Have access to facilities and resources, including support personnel and equipment, necessary for developing and implementing the special education program that's right for your child.
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Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Within 30 days of being placed in a program, an IEP is developed for each exceptional child in consultation with the parent. The principal will ensure that parents receive a copy afterwards.

What is included in the IEP?

  • Specific and representative educational expectations
  • An outline of the Special Education program and services that will be provided
  • A statement about the methods by which a child’s progress will be reviewed
  • For students 14 years and older (except those identified as exceptional solely on the basis of giftedness), a plan for transition to appropriate post-secondary school activities, such as work, further education, and community living.

An IEP is not ...

  • A description of everything that will be taught to the student.
  • A list of all the teaching strategies used in regular classroom instruction.
  • A document that records all learning expectations, including those that are not modified from the regular grade level curriculum expectations.
  • A daily lesson plan.
Special Education Plan

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